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I appreciate you finding my website. If you are seeking help for depression, anxiety, or trauma, or another mental health issue, it may benefit you to peruse or read my website to see if I might be of service.

"Problems are the outward signs of unused possibilities."

I like this quote by the prominent psychotherapist, Rollo May, because it readily changes a negative perspective to one of personal potential and growth. I believe this is what my therapeutic work with clients often involves--helping them take on a meaningful perspective about their particular life struggles and find and strengthen personal qualities to overcome them.

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Hello, My Name Is Christopher Carlin

I am the sole proprietor and practitioner of Psylin, Inc. Originally from the East Coast, I have worked as a clinical psychologist in the Midwest for about the last 20-years. I mainly work with adult clients in a private practice setting.

How I May be Able to Help

I may be able to help based on my long-term experience as a therapist and how I've seen clients change and get better over time. That I am always updating my clinical skill and knowledge, as well as am strongly motivated to help clients, are other reasons. Another factor is the benefit I believe my doctoral education and training brings to working with others.

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Individual Therapy

A one-to-one process between a client and a therapist, in a safe and confidential setting, which involves building rapport and working together to solve a client's issue.

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Group Therapy

Help find and give support and correct faulty perceptions, beliefs, and feelings about oneself and others.



Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is one of the most common underlying reasons clients seek therapy.



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is used for trauma, depression, and anxiety problems, among other mental health issues.

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How Therapy Works

Having a good “fit” between therapist and client, implementing a treatment plan and later evaluating its outcome, and emphasizing collaboration on a client's particular issue, are some aspects of how therapy works.

If You Wish to Reach Me

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